PLR64K Dante - 64 channel Dante network monitor for use with remote controller
Part no. NIX00533

- Designed for commentary, journalist, and translation positions within fixed AV installations
- Compact and shallow design for easy and unobtrusive installation
- Remote control panel allows easy selection of any two independent sources and fits standard 2 gang wall plate (UK)
- Control panel provides balanced XLR outputs for headphones or active speakers

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Specifically designed to allow an operator/commentator to access any two independently selectable sources on the Dante network via a simple remote control panel.  Each display shows Channel Name and provides an output meter level.  Balanced XLR outputs provide feeds to local speakers or headphones.
Perfect for on-air and live applications where critical confidence monitoring is essential

A kit consisting of three parts the PLR64 Dante, 2 Gang Wall Plate Remote controller and Remote Cable 1.5M D-sub cable. It does not include a PSU as standard but one can be purchased at extra cost

The PLR64 would normally be mounted to a wall or beneath a desk and then wired via the remote cable to the 2 gang wall plate remote controller
The remote controller allows the independent selection for each output from the incoming Dante stream. Each output displays the selected Dante channel name and output signal level on the OLED display. Channel selection is made via scrolling up/down the available Dante channels via a pair of switches for each output
Each output is presented on a 3 pin male XLR. The signal is electronically balanced and provides +21dBu for 0dBFS of signal level

Firmware updates of the PLR64 Dante are achieved via a dedicated USB micro B connector on the end panel. There is also a dedicated 3.5mm jack socket for the headphone output

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Nixer PLR64K Dante Specifications


1    NIX00533 - PLR64K Dante kit consists

·       1x NIX00528 - PLR64 Dante unit

·       1x NIX00517 - 2 Gang Wall Plate Remote controller

·       1x NIX00551 - Remote Cable 1.5M D-sub cable


2    NIX00528 - PLR64 Dante unit

·       3.5mm Headphone socket

·       Headphone output for driving loads from 8ohm to 600ohm

·       Dual 1Gbps RJ45 Dante inputs

-       1Gbps or 100Mbps operation

-       User configurable for Switched or Redundant operation

·       Power input via

-       PoE (13W) on Primary RJ45 connector

-       USB input (1.5A) auto negotiates with connected USB port

·       Direct from Mac/PC USB connector capable of delivering 1.5A

·       USB mains adaptor

·       USB battery pack

-       Both power inputs can be active at the same time for redundancy

·       USB port is used for product firmware updates

·       Outputs can be selected from any of up to 64 Dante channels at 48kHz (32 channels at 96kHz)

·       2 independent outputs selectable from available Dante input channels

·       Sample rates supported 44.1kHz, 48kHz and 96kHz

·       Bit Depths supported 16bit, 24bit and 32bit

·       AES67 compatible

·       Fully compatible with Dante Domain Manager


3    NIX00517 - 2 Gang Wall Plate Remote controller

·       Can be connected to the PLR64 Dante (or PD Dante)

·       Dual Balanced Line Outputs 0dBFS = +21dBu maximum output into 600ohms 2x 3pin male XLR connectors

·       Source for each output independently selectable from any of the 64 Dante input channels via selector buttons

·       OLED display showing for each channel

-       Selected Dante channel name

-       Signal level meter

·       Power is supplied from PLR64

·       Mounts in a standard 2 gang wall plate (UK)

-       Other options available at extra cost please contact us for more details


4    NIX00551 - Remote Cable 1.5M D-sub cable

·       1.5meter multicore cable

-       Other lengths available at extra cost please contact us for more details

·       One end terminated with 15way male D-sub including shell and screw locks

·       Second end unterminated with tinned and stripped leads individually labelled

·       Unterminated leads to allow cable to be fed through trunking

·       Idented leads fit to screw terminals on NIX00517


5    NIX00583 - PoE PSU Kit – not supplied as standard in PLR64K Dante kit but will be required if not powering from a PoE network switch

·       PoE plug top supply

·       Worldwide plug adaptor kit

·       2M RJ45 Cat6 flat cable

·       Available as a cost option


6    Sizes

·       NIX00528 - PLR64 Dante unit

-       195.85mm length x 106mm width x 34mm height (length including mounting brackets)

-       0.5kG

·       NIX00517 - 2 Gang Wall Plate Remote controller

-       146mm length x 86mm width x 35mm total height – requires a back-box with a minimum depth of 35mm

-       165g