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PD Dante audio monitor

Nixerproaudio Applications

Our Audio over IP Monitoring and Diagnostic tools are now being used right across the broadcast, live, fixed install and AV industries. Nixer products are used daily in critical on-air applications at events and facilities all around the world. The following highlight some of the applications and markets that we have been excited to work with and support.

We hope it's interesting, check out our products, and just drop us a line if we can assist on a pending project, be it Dante, Ravenna, AES67 or ST 2110!

On-Set Monitoring & Production Galleries

The PD Dante is ideal for Reality TV Shows and for audio monitoring by Directors and Producers during location filming. The Users all like the intuitive and rapid source selection that the unit provides and avoids additional laptops on location.

Click here to see how Just Audio Ltd are using their PD Dantes to monitor audio while filming on location Reality TV shows
"Such a great way to keep track of your Dante network in easy-to-use packages. Plug them in anywhere in your network and see and hear every device. Pretty cool."
Douglas Tourtelot, Ensemble Sound Recording, USA
PD Dante Dante Audio Monitor

PD Dante - Dnate diagnostics

Theatre Use

Several high-end theatre companies and productions have invested in PD Dante units to enhance their technical resilience when under the pressure of a live performance. The unit allows rapid monitoring of any faulty audio sources and to re-route back up equipment if required from the same PD Dante device.
“I just specified a pair of PD Dante for the new RF system at my show on Broadway. We love them! They’re so compact and intuitive.”
Scott Lehrer, USA

Scott Lehrer Sound Design

Examples of Nixer product use in Theatres

Corporate AV and Fixed Install

We have provided units for a wide range of different fixed AV installations - From an individual monitoring position through to a complete AoIP monitoring and diagnostic solution, Nixer units are deployed within major sporting venues, Parliamentary meeting rooms and chambers through to international banks and eSports venues.  Products are used to select individual feeds for monitoring, translation and confidence checking.
RD Dante - Dante Audio Monitor

RL64 Dante audio monitor


After release in summer 2021, the RL256 units are finding their way into the audio racks of the latest IP based Outside Broadcast trucks and Studio facilities. The clear intuitive display is ideal for rapid source selection during demanding live events or within multichannel Master Control Rooms. The clear displays and compact form factor allow a single Operator to monitor up to 256 channels from a single 1RU frame. 
The routing and diagnostic capability of the PD and RD Dante units give Broadcast Engineers access to built-in diagnostic tools during setup and commissioning for a smoother installation. 
Host broadcasters have been using PD Dante units from within their main broadcast centre to route, configure and test systems that are installed at multiple remote venues.

Click here for examples of using Nixer products in Broadcast

Please check out our short introductory product videos on the Nixer YouTube channel. We also have a full set of descriptive videos highlighting the PD/RD Dante feature set.

Dante audio monitors