29th Dec 2021

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2021 – A Year in Review

After a turbulent and trying 2021 across the world, we are starting to look forward to 2022 and hope it brings more stability and well-being for all.

However, it also gives us the opportunity to reflect on the past 12 months here at Nixer. It has been a tough and challenging time, but we are very proud of the achievements, including;


·      Release of the RL256 1RU confidence monitoring unit.
Available in 1RU with up to 4 ports, the unit allows a single operator to monitor up to 256 channels of Audio over IP. Four standard units are available to cover 64, 128, 192 and 256 channels and can be specified for use on Dante or Ravenna networks. We have also supplied units with both Dante and Ravenna network ports in the same 1RU frame with pricing available on request.


·      Wi-Fi Adapter
Work continues on the Wi-Fi adapter for the RL256 - this offers monitoring and remote control via an iPad App to easily allow operators to make quick and easy confidence checks - the hardware is finalised and ready to order with the software due to be released Q1 2022.


·      The latest PD Dante v3.0 firmware update will be released next month.
This has a range of new features and will be available for all existing PD and RD Dante customers to upgrade free of charge via our website.


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As more PD Dante units are being used in TV productions, we were pleased to hear of one customer who recently used 8 x PD Dantes while filming an upcoming reality tv and cooking series for a leading national broadcaster.



Producers and engineers all like the intuitive and rapid source selection that the unit provides and avoids additional laptops on location.

The latest v3.0 firmware is designed to provide additional features as a direct result of these projects.


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During the summer games in Tokyo, PD Dantes were used by Host Broadcast engineers to test and configure their Dante equipment.

Units were used at local venues for monitoring and testing but also to configure and setup the network at the main international broadcast centre while sited remotely at one of the stadia.

We're really pleased that the word seems to be spreading and we're now getting involved with projects all around the world.


These projects are across many different applications, and we thank all the customers, partners and distributors involved who make this happen.


The list below is a small representative sample of projects where we've supplied equipment this year.

▪ Supplied additional PLR64K units to a major European institution via partner TEVIOS. We have over 16 units now installed across different meeting rooms.

▪ The World Bank installed 3 new Control Rooms via Fingerprint Audio our partner in the USA and used a selection of RD and PD Dante units.  Fingerprint Audio also supplied 2 x PD Dantes for us in the Broadway production of 'Chicago the Musical'.


Volkstheater München installed 2 x RL64 Dante units in their new location and building.

▪ Projection Nouvelle provided 2 x PD Dante to an audiovisual installation in Switzerland. Using 4 x breakout cables at fixed positions they were able to utilise the portable nature of the PD Dante across different locations.

Pawlaki Pro Audio ordered 2 x RL256 and 1 x RL64 units for a new Polsat all IP truck.

Electori continue to order units for a selection of new customers in Japan.


  9 x RD Dantes were ordered by Polymedia AV for a large Russian corporate banking AV project as part of the regeneration of a Moscow business centre.

  8 x RD Dante were installed by a premier systems integrator for a large campus-wide educational multi-media project in the Netherlands.


  A PD Dante ordered for use within the Canadian Government’s Parliamentary Precinct’s Dante network.


▪ SNB Tech Thailand installed an RL64 Dante at broadcaster TPBS Studios.


Electori ordered a mixed Dante and Ravenna RL128 unit for their upcoming customer demonstrations and roadshows.


  The P.A. People deliver a PD Dante to a new customer in Australia.

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After release earlier this summer the RL256 units are finding their way into the audio racks of the latest IP based Outside Broadcast trucks.

The clear intuitive display is ideal for rapid source selection in demanding live events.


It also became apparent during the year of the different applications we are now finding for the products.


  On-Set Monitoring and Production Galleries


  High end Corporate AV

  Outside Broadcast Trucks

  Broadcast Studios and Master Control Rooms

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Thank you for the continued support of all our customers, distributors and partners.

We look forward to working with you in 2022 on new projects and hope that we can all enjoy increased growth, prosperity, and peace.


With best wishes to you and your families for Christmas and 2022.

Nick, Philip and Mark

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